Engineering Course -
Powder Metallurgy



for foreign students

for foreign students

Metallurgical industry in Russia,
starting cooperation.

Metallurgical industry in Russia,
starting cooperation.


22 July - 11 August

1 500 USD

1 500 USD

56 Hours

56 Hours

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You will learn about the metallurgical industry in Russia including the key features of production process, get deeper knowledge of management and business partnership, gain hands-on practical experience and develop your own project as a result.



This is an opportunity to immerse in the production world of a large Russian mining and metallurgical holding - the Ural Mining Metallurgical Company, through the education in the modern, the first private engineering Technical University in Russia for 3 weeks. You will be able to learn not only from highly qualified trainers, but also from real employees of large plants; learn about the features of big foreign business; grasp the nuances of production and even develop your own project.




This course if designed for senior students of Bachelor/Masters degree or skilled employees of metallurgical industrial enterprises.




The language of tuition is English and we require the students to possess a sufficient level of language.




Ural Mining Metallurgical Company (UMMC) – one of the top Russian producers of major commodities including copper, zinc, coal, gold and silver. Additionally UMMC produces lead, selenium, tellurium, cadmium and indium. Metals production operations located primarily in Urals (Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Orenburg regions and Bashkortostan Republic). Coal assets mainly located in Siberia (Kemerovo region).

UMMC operates 40 companies situated in Russia and other countries and has more than 80 000 employees.   Company’s headquarters are situated in Verknaya Pyshma (Russia, Sverdlovsk region).    

Revenues in 2015 totaled $5,1 bln. Capital expenditures up to 60 bln. RUB a year. Environmental and community development investments are about 10 bln. RUB a year.  

High grades of operating deposits and low mine costs make UMMC competitive market player, while its strong metallurgical base ensures sustainable development.  


Throughout the course you will develop analytical, design and systems thinking skills.



You'll visit the metallurgical plant and have a chance to work in labs. UMMC group of companies unites >40 metallurgical, mining and machine-building companies.

Key partner


The key partners of Course are UMMC  and Uralelectromed



Each participant of the programme receives a certificate after graduation.



Knowledge must meet the challenges of our time. You will gain firsthand experience from people who solve complicated tasks every day basis.

Career prospects


Knowing how to work with large private industrial companies in Russia could be useful for the professional duties. This course is designed to develop broad and deep understanding in scientific, technical and management aspects of metallurgy and mining problems. You will learn to think creatively, be able to tackle complex issues and get trained to collect, analyse and interpret complex quantitative and qualitative data. You'll gain practical skills in problem solving, project work, digital literacy, communication, and interdisciplinary team work, improve digital literacy. Together the students will demonstrate the all-round abilities which are valued by employers.



Training includes 3 main blocks - theory, practice and project development. Each block takes 1 week and is held for approximately 20 hours. The classes are conducted by the UMMC specialists, UMMC university and partner institutes. Students have the opportunity to develop their own scientific / business project under the guidance of UMMC specialists.

1st week



2nd week



3rd week



What do you need to know working with Russian industries?

  • Formation of engineering teams. Professional requirements for a modern engineer in Russia
  • Criteria and approaches to the formation of engineering thought.
  • The state of industry in Russia. The most developed industries. Trends and development prospects.
  • Foreign economic activity of an industrial enterprise in Russia.
  • Modern technologies in science and production.
  • Engineer creative thinking methods. TIPS - Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.
  • PR and marketing of a large enterprise

Practice-oriented Approach

  • The production cycle of a metallurgical enterprise on example of Uralelectromed JSC.
  • Automation of the metallurgical enterprise. Lab practice.
  • Power and Electrical Engeneering. Power supply of metallurgical enterprise. Lab practice.
  • Waste processing of the waste of the metallurgical enterprise. Extraction of elements in demand on the territory of South Korea
  • Selection of projects for implementation.

Individual-Project Approach

Within 3 weeks the participants choose the topic of their project. It should cover the actual issue of modern metallurgy and correspond to the professional specialization of the participant. Project work could be developed both independently and in a group. Interdisciplinary projects are welcomed. Participants can apply for scientific guidance of the programme instructors and use the University's facilities in accordance with internal rules.


Professors & Instructors

Evgeniy V. Bragin

Deputy General Director of UMMC

Formation of engineering teams, professional requirements for a modern engineer in Russia

Andrey Andrushkov

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of Moscow Polytech, Phd in Political Science

Criteria and approaches to the formation of engineering thought

Svetlana V. Fedorova 

Phd, Head of the Department of Power and Electrical Engeneering

Power and Electrical Engeneering. Power supply of metallurgical enterprise. Lab practice.

Konstantin Timofeev

Head of R&D Centre of Uraleсtromed

Modern technologies in science and production
Modern technologies in science and production

prof. Pavel A. Kozlov

Doctor of technical sceince, professor, Honored Scientist of Russia, Honored Inventor of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the  Russian Government Prize

The production cycle of a metallurgical enterprise as an example of Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant

Pavel Hudyakov

Phd, Head of the Department of Automation of Technological Processes and Productions of UMMC TU

Automation of the metallurgical enterprise. Practice in the lab.

Automation of the metallurgical enterprise. Practice in the lab.

Ruslan Dolzhenko

 Head of the Department of Labor Economics and Human Resources of USUE

Agile technology as managerial tool  

Anton Emelyanov

Head of the Information Research Department of UMMC

The state of industry in Russia, the most developed industries. Trends and development prospects.


FEES: 1 500 USD

Fees includes the following options:

Covers the tuition and supplies required for the organization of the educational process.



We arrange pick-up from/to airport Koltsovo.

Cultural Activities

We will suggest you a list of events for extracurricular time. Part of the activities is included in the cost and will be free for you, such as visiting the enterprises of UMMC, unique Museums of automotive and military technics and more. Part of the activities is offered optional for a small fee.


It offers comfortable dormitory accommodation (up to 4 person in the room) in 10 minutes of walk from the university. Free gym facilities, equipped kitchen in each room, WiFi.


You will be offered meals in the University cafeteria on study days.

Buddy support

Each group of course participants will be accompanied by University buddies. Their main aim is to help you find yourself in the university and city, solve any problems with the accomodatiton and react to urgent unexpected questions.

Filling the form you agree to the processing of Personal Data

Pay attention! Insurance, Visa and consular fee, Travel expenses to and from Yekaterinburg, Other student expenses are not included. If you want a different placement, then it will be more expensive, check with the organizers.



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Is it cold in Russia? What clothes should I bring with?

July temperature in Russia is around 23-27 celsius, so you don't need to bring warm clothes. It's rainy in July, so you can bring umbrella or rain jacket.

Where is the UMMC TU located? Is it far from Ekaterinburg?
Where is the UMMC TU located? Is it far from Ekaterinburg?

UMMC TU is located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, which is 2 km outside Ekaterinburg. You can reach the city centre by public transport (bus and subway), nearly 30 minutes one way. The fare is about 70 RUB (~1 USD).

Should I bring US dollars or rubles in cash?
You can easily exchange US Dollars or Euro to RUB in any bank. Exchange a small amount to RUB and have it in cash with you upon arrival. Even though in some public transport you can use your contactless payment bank card or use your phone to pay the fare, in many cases you still have to pay in cash.
It is best to have USD or EUR with you for the reason that other currencies might be exchanged only in a few bank branches.
Only change your currency in bank branches. It is not advised to change the currency in hotels - the exchange rate is high. Do not change money in shops, railway stations, on the street etc. - it is illegal and you might be deceived. The banknotes you receive should be clean and not shabby or ragged - in some cases, they might be refused to be taken when you try to pay for something. 
Currency exchange rate may vary in different banks, so you might get a better rate if you compare before you change your currency. Russian stores, restaurants, public transport etc only take rubles, you can't pay in any other currency so be sure to have enough rubles before you go out. You can pay by card in many places. All the major payment systems such as Visa, Master Card, American Express are accepted, as well as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others. Notify your bank about travel to Russia to avoid any unpleasant situation.


Airport transfer - is it included?

We will pick you up at the Koltsovo Airport and bring you back for the return trip, so don't worry about this. Please notify us about the arrival/departure time and flight number.

How far is the Dormitory from the University? 
How far is the Dormitory from the University? 
Dormitory is located near the University and is within 10 minutes walk so you don't need to use transport. We will show you the way to the dormitories upon your arrival.
Data wise program details
Data wise program details
You will get the course timetable along the cultural part schedule at the first day.
Is there any supermarkets nearby?
There is a big food supermarket just 2 minutes walk from Dormitory. If you wish to visit a big mall you can go to Ekaterinburg. Use Google maps or Yandex maps to find the nearest mall and how to get there.

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